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The history of Salconserv

The butchery craft goes back a long way. Ever since the Middle Ages, artisan butchers were organized in gilds. History shows that, ever since the 15th century, the butchers from Medias have come to the fore with their products, gaining popularity not only in Transylvania, where they would sell their products, but also at the courts of voivodes, princes and important dignitaries of Europe, taking the lead ahead of the other gilds.

At the end of the 19th century, Mediaș was famous and appreciated for its meat products and salami.

In this context, 1895 marks the beginnings of Fritz Auner’s meat and meats factory.

This will later become the development core for the present-day factory, Salconserv.
After the nationalization on June 11th, 1948, Fritz Auner’s factory is taken under the state’s ownership as Salconserv. Modernization and collectivization of the factory follow, along with increase of the production capacity, equipment with state-of-the-art machinery and plants.

Nationwide distribution and exports begin, Salconserv products being in constant demand and appreciated both on the domestic market and abroad, particularly in Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany, USSR, with QUALITY as the key differentiating factor.


SALCONSERV FOOD: Carpați Street, no.33, Mediaș, Sibiu County Phone/Fax: +40372 389 214