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For more than 120 years, hundreds of thousands of tons of deli meats have been produced in Salconserv factory from Mediaș, and served to feed millions of people from tens of countries.

Many generations of pork butchers and butchers trained here and dedicated their entire activity in this factory, from father to son.

One may say that, with their professionalism, the pork butchers from Medias have created a meat processing school and turned the factory into a workshop, a standard in deli meat preparation to accommodate all tastes and pockets.

The Mediaș taste was learned in time, perfected and passed on, so that, today, we can savor the fine taste of Medias meats, prepared in Salconserv factory.


SALCONSERV FOOD: Carpați Street, no.33, Mediaș, Sibiu County Phone/Fax: +40372 389 214